How can I become a teacher in a Steiner National School?

At present there is no Steiner teacher-training qualification in Ireland. Steiner training obtained abroad is also not currently recognized as a State Teaching qualification by the Irish State. The first step to becoming a teacher in an Irish Steiner National School is thus a State training and registration with the Irish Teaching Council. The Irish language is also a requirement given the centrality of Irish within the Irish State curriculum. Steiner Training is also crucial, and teachers who wish to apply for positions in Irish Steiner National Schools are encouraged to follow accredited Steiner teacher-training courses abroad either on a part-time or full-time basis. State teachers without fully-completed Steiner training who are successful in gaining employment in Irish Steiner National Schools (as a result of their Steiner-informed teaching methods and familiarity with Steiner education) are encouraged to undergo extensive in-house training (provided by ISKA and Lifeways Ireland Ltd.) from the moment that they are appointed, and indeed, all teachers in Steiner National Schools are required to continually engage in professional development.

For further information on becoming a teacher in Irish Steiner National Schools please see the websites of Lifeways Ireland and ISKA (The Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association).