We are Irish National School using the Steiner method to deliver the Irish national curriculum. We opened in September 2015 and we will grow by one class per year.  From September 2020 we cater for children up to and including Fourth Class, we will cater for children up to 5th class from September 2021 and up to 6th class from September 2022


Growing a love for learning

We are a multi-denominational, co-educational, child-centred national school. We believe that education is best achieved in a warm and joyful environment where children are actively engaged in the learning process.

Through our arts rich approach, we cultivate knowledge, creativity and practical skills. The Irish primary curriculum is delivered in an integrated and developmentally appropriate way with a strong emphasis on movement, music, art, handwork, drama, and outdoor learning.

The holistic development of each pupil is nurtured in order to foster in them the self-confidence and resilience necessary to take their place in the community as creative, well-balanced and responsible people.

The first Steiner National School in Galway opened in Knocknacarra in September 2015, under patronage of Lifeways Ireland, the patron body of Irish Steiner schools.


Steiner education is a child-centered education that seeks to nurture ‘the hand, the head and the heart’ of every child. Our activities are tailored to child’s deepest needs and stage of development and focuses on educating the whole child—balancing academic, artistic and practical learning. There is a strong emphasis on activity based learning such as:

Free play, Cooking, baking & sharing meals, Nature Trips & Walks, Art & Handicraft,  Gardening, Storytime.